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Electronic Stethoscope

Product number: PKI 2360

  • PKI-2360-Electronic-Stethoscope

    PKI 2360 Electronic Stethoscope

This Electronic Stethoscope is ideal for long-time observation without entering the room but to listen into it from the outside through solid structures. Where the human ear is inadequate the PKI 2360 Electronic Stethoscope makes audible what has previously seemed impossible. By means of the high sensitive contact microphone conversations and/or noises can be heard through walls, windows or any other solid material. Simply fix the contact microphone by the supplied mastic material to the best possible surface and listen directly with the headphone. The amplifier, equipped with Li-Ion batteries, volume control and socket for a recorder is built-in the special PKI headphones. The stethoscope sensor is directly connected to the headphones and allows the operator to use both hands for other activities.

Power supplyLIPO 3,7V
Operating time5 hours
Amplification15.000 fold
VolumeInfinitely variable
Stethoscope sensorØ 30 x 3mm, Piezo element with 1m flexible cable
Frequency range250 to 3500Hz
VariousComes with charger, headphones, closed system
On request we can deliver additionally PKI 2105 recorder