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Non-Contact Electronic – Stethoscope

Product number: PKI 2940

The PKI 2940 Non-Contact Electronic – Stethoscope emits a high frequency beam to locate mechanical noise, i.e. it can be used to locate ignition devices. The non-contact seeker head offers significant advantages as no contact with the spray or incendiary device is required.

The PKI 2940 Non-Contact Electronic – Stethoscope even penetrates materials such as paper, plastic or wood effortlessly. A changing high frequency audio signal in the headphones reflects the respective reaction. The PKI 2940 Non-Contact Electronic – Stethoscope is suitable for security checks in the areas of counter-terrorism, explosion protection, military, airports, railway stations, etc.

DimensionsSearch head 240 x 95mm amplifier 205 x 115mm
Weight1.1kg (search head) 0.6kg (amplifier)
GainApprox. 115dB (700.000) at 4kHz
Frequency bandpassApprox. 1 - 5.5kHz
Temperature range-15°C to +55°C
Power supply amplifier9V block battery for approx. 20 hours
Power supply search headLi-ion battery 12V, 1.2A for approx. 6 hours
AccessoriesHeadphones, charger, operating and service manual