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Directional Microphone Set

Product number: PKI 2905

Monitoring using directional microphones is the easiest and most widely applied possibility to get call information. Working with directional microphones is absolutely flexible and mobile. Even converations through open windows are possible with the PKI 2905 Directional Microphone Set.

Conversations in a resturant e.g. at the neighbouring table can be easily perceived. The PKI 2905 Microphone Set includes the most important directional microphones for a wide variety of applications. An additional recorder connection is offered by all directional microphones. Operation with recorder is indispensible in cases when a headset e.g. in a resturant seems to be too conspicuous. Storage and playback of the conversation is nevertheless ensured. The PKI 2905 Microphone Set delivery contains 1 recorder PKI 2105, 1 digital amplifier audio box PKI 2175 and a high-quality closed headset so that even at a 10,000-fold amplification no feedback is heard. This selection of the most different directional mocrophones makes absolutely sense in order to be prepared for every imaginable monitoring operation.

Set includes (for spefications please look at the PKI numbers)
PKI 2105 Digital Miniatur Recorder
PKI 2175 Digital Amplifier Audio Box
PKI 2900 Directional Microphone of the latest Generation
PKI 2915 Pocket-size Directional Microphone
PKI 2925 Prof. Super Directional Microphone
PKI 2930 Directional Microphone with Data Transmission