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Scrambled GSM Phone

Product number: PKI 2775

In all areas of business, people use mobile phones to communicate confidential and sensitive data. They use local networks and believe that their information is protected against interception. Unfortunately, this is not the case. It is true that in most countries the signals between mobile phone and the base station are encrypted but there are a lot of attack methods to easily decrypt them. The damage caused by industrial spying in Germany is about 30 billion euros per year. Our PKI 2775 is the right choice to prevent secret information from being intercepted. It provides an encryption solution for all your sensitive communications. Each PKI 2775 works with an individually generated and certified key pair. It is stored on the net key card which is inserted into the phone. If another PKI 2775 with its own individual key pair is called, using the crypto function, the two phones are authenticated by means of the certificates of the two chip cards. A „one-time pass session key“ (one out of 1077 possible keys) is generated and is used only for this one single conversation. The session key encrypts all communication data transmitted between the two phones. Any person who tries to intercept this encrypted data stream will only hear a noise that cannot be decrypted even with the highest performance mainframe computers. Apart from the encryption function, our PKI 2775 works like a normal modern mobile phone and can be used for unprotected calls to any other person. You can use your standard SIM card for all encrypted or unprotected communication which means that you do not have to change your phone number to take advantage of all PKI 2775 features.

2.4“ Display 3.0 MP CMOS Camera Micro SD Card up to 2GB
USB 1.1
WAP 2.0
Enhanced SMS/MMS
Multimedia and Organizer
Unified Message Box
Weight 92.5 grams
GPRS Class 12
Tri Band GSM900, GSM 1800, PCS 1900
Li-Ion battery 950mAh
Bluetooth (only for clear calls)
Talk Time: Up to 7 hours
Standby: 450 - 600 hours
Standard package: Mobile phone, Main Charger, Personal hands-free, USB-cable, 2GB Micro SD Card, Manual

Overview Security Module Features:

  • Encryption algorithm: AES-256bit
  • Authentication algorithm & key exchange: RSA 1024bit/ RSA 2048 bit
  • Authorization algorithms: BlackList/ WhiteList/ CuGList
  • Hash algorithms: RIPEMD-160/SHA256
  • Digital Certificates: X509v3
  • Transportation data formates: CSD, V110
  • Encryption services: Speech & MMS
  • Option: Customer Key Management