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Caller ID Spoofing Phone

Product number: PKI 2780

The PKI 2780 Caller ID Spoofing Phone allows the user to make calls with variable caller ID numbers. The unobtrusive GSM phone provides a menu mode where the caller ID which will appear in the display of the receiving phone can be inserted individually. By this calls can be made showing the phone number of any other phone. Investigators may like to use this function not showing their own phone number or e.g. an employee making calls using the office number while on business trip. Furthermore the own identity can be concealed and illegitimate location of the own position is impossible. The PKI 2780 Caller ID Spoofing Phone is a quad band GSM phone (850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900MHz) and comes with net adapter.

Standby timeApprox. 110 hrs
Talk timeApprox. 3,5 hours
DisplayColour,  5 x 3,6cm
Size12 x 5 x 1cm