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Encrypted Communication Devices

Product number: PKI 2785

The PKI 2785 Encrypted Communication Devices enable bug-proof encrypted communication. In the process, the focus was not only on a secure encryption of call contents but also on the software of the devices. The entire software used is documented and does not contain any binary code from untrusted sources. Encryption algorithms of the Encrypted Communication Devices used are state-of-the-art and on request can also be tailored to the requirements of the customer. The devices interconnect via a network connection and support LAN and WLAN connections. Connections can also be established via the Internet. In this case, a so-called redirector on the Internet is required which enables the connection between the devices connected to NAT routers.

It is possible to make calls and to exchange short messages via a Messenger. The short messages can subsequently be deleted on the receiving unit if it is suspected that the device might have fallen into the wrong hands.Our devices do not store any meta data about the communication and after switching off, they do not offer information that could be exploited in a forensic investigation. Encryption is realised end-to-end between the devices; the reflector is not involved in the encryption process. The devices can be operated in groups of any size. The devices are delivered with the necessary certificates; however, these can also be created by the customer.

Supported IP networks3G, 4G LTE, satellite, WIFI > 4.7" touch-screen
MicroUSB for charging
Tamper proof and tempest secured hardware
Battery life Up to 6hrs standby
Audio with headset connector or built in speaker & microphone
Dimensions80 x 150 x 20mm
Operating system is provided in 100 % verifiable source code