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Self-organizing Mesh Network System

Product number: PKI 2790

The PKI 2790 Self-organizing Mesh Network System is a latest MIMO enabled radio specifically designed for mesh networking in harsh environments. It measures a mere 4.00” x 2.63” x 1.51” in size and delivers connectivity where traditional single antenna radios fail. This radio utilizes the advanced MN-MIMO waveform to enable true self-adaptive ad-hoc mesh networking without any user involvement. PKI 2790 Self-organizing Mesh Network System automatically self-adapts to deliver data rates as high as +100Mbps UDP across a single link and is fully interoperable with other radios in the PKI radio family. PKI 2790 boasts a unique band flexible RF section providing capability across a wide range of frequencies, in a highly compact design with optional dual band support. The radio supports frequencies from 400MHz to 6GHz. Refer to the specifications section for a complete list of supported bands.

The PKI 2790 transceiver, a stand-alone IP based packet MIMO radio, will surpass the Capabilities of traditional SISO (single antenna) solutions and will deliver:

  • Connectivity in extreme NLOS (non-line-of-sight) multipath rich environments connectivity under highly mobile conditions on the ground, water and in the air
  • High data throughput rates
  • Mesh network (self-forming, or managed)
  • GPS and multicast support

Missions benefitting from PKI 2790

The PKI 2790 Self-organizing Mesh Network System is ideal for cost-sensitive applications that require an aggressive form Factor with superior communications of voice/video/data in NLOS multipath rich Environments such as:

  • Broadcast /ENG
  • Covert surveillance
  • ISR-operations and military communication
  • Industrial communications
  • Air-to-air & air-to-ground (manned, or unmanned)
  • Urban ops, requiring video links within a building and with units outside the building
  • Ship-to-shore high data rate transfer /comms
  • First responder urban network /relay
  • Connectivity within mines/tunnels/caves


Ease of Use
Each transceiver enables bidirectional networking to simplify logistics. As an Ethernet Bridge, the PKI 2790 Self-organizing Mesh Network System can be interfaced with countless third party applications and a Multitude of configurations are accessible via web pages within the radio.
The radio comes equipped with the powerful StreamScape network management tool
that allows for real-time management and control of all radio parameters in the network such as TX power, frequency, channel bandwidth, link adaptation and other parameters. Automatic link adaptation changes the radio operating parameters in real-time to provide Performance as close to capacity as possible while not losing the link when abrupt Changes in channel conditions occur such as moving around a corner or entering a Building.

PKI 2790 Tactical Terminal
PKI 2790 Tactical terminal is IP-networked tactical hand held terminal solution for homeland security and defense customers using MESH, Tactical LTD, Satellite or public cell networks.
It contains situation scope mapping, tactical communication and sensor feed displays, like video sources. Solution can be tailored to suit range of missions and user role can be changed to limit access and visibility to these elements.
Situation Scope is delivered to user with clear mapping interface where NATO APP6b, US MIL-STD-2525C or MIL-STD-2525D symbols are used for asset classification.
Map data can be served from PKI tactical server element or stored on locally to PKI 2790 terminal.

Video feeds can be subscribed into PKI 2790 terminal from variety of sources like other PKI units or helmet mounted camera systems. Sensory feeds from UAV’s or other platforms can be delivered to PKI 2790 with data rain compatible MESH networking elements, like MESH radio systems. Controlling video sources is defined in user profile and can include sensory from visible, thermal, IR and swir segments. Optionally PKI 2795 can have video proxa and payload convert functions inbuilt. So locally viewed full resolution imaginary can be shared with reduced bandwidth requirements.

True 2×2 MIMO diversity
NEW! Transmit Beamforming for up to 40% additional range
Spatial Multiplexing for enhanced throughput
Space Time Coding for enhanced robustness
Receive Beamforming for enhanced reception
Up to 4W Transmit Power
Data Rates up to 100+Mbps
Up to 128GB onboard storage
Optional twist-lock battery for portable use
Improved power efficiency for cooler operation and longer battery life
“HD quality” bidirectional push-to-talk voice with G.722 codec
Automatic link adaptation to continually optimize throughput in dynamic environments
Single frequency transmit and receive (TDD)
Self-healing, self-forming flexible MANET/mesh network
Enhanced support for high speed platforms
Dual band support (optional)
5MHz, 10MHz and 20MHz Bandwidth Modes
Ultra-low Latency (less than 10ms per hop)
Ethernet, USB, (x2), voice (PTT), and RS232 data interfaces
Ruggedized IP67-rated construction
Battery life of 8-10hrs