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Tactical Terminal to PKI 2790

Product number: PKI 2795

PKI 2795 tactical terminal for forward deployed missions with total Off-The-Grid capabilities. No need to create connections to your home server or ICT-infra. Fully independent fast and easy deployable performance capability!

Fast deployable tactical terminal
PKI 2795 Tactical Terminal is your companion when you need to conduct missions where META DATA safety and OPSEC of the Mission is essential. It delivers 24/7 server functionality in any location with any mission. Collect your all sensor data with Tactical Server and have real time operation awareness. It’s designed to be discret, carry along solution with full server capabilities inbuilt. It can receive tracking information from tenths of targets and serve hundreds of users. It communicates through a cell network, satellite or MESH radios. Design allows usage in over the horizon missions where network exposure should be minimized. Tactical Terminal can host your mission critical mapping data as well. This makes it easy to use in hostile environments where network access is monitored or possibly targeted. PKI 2795 Tactical Terminal is a system, which is usable just when your web browser and with any device. It acts as 24/7 receiving entity for tracking data and you are allowed to access system with browser and observe targets locations and history routes.

Sensor and Information Data Gathering
PKI 2795 Tactical Terminal sensor integration  offers complete situation awareness. Gather sensor data with TAC XS from various of cyber and intel sensors, like tracking, WiFi-sniffer, movement, pressure, temperature, IR, camera, etc.

HardwareEmbedded Linux server in Peli 1470 case
Size16.88" x 13.23" x 4.47" (42.9 x 33.6 x 11.4cm)
SoftwareTracking Server V6, Browser based user interface Multi device support, Sensor data and analysis Local map data (OSGeo compatible), GSM, TETRA, MESH, IRIDIUM etc networks supported, Geofencing, Radio Silence, Ghosting
User profilesUp to 20 simultaneous user logged in. User profiles: Admin, Supervisor, Operator, Tech support
Operating voltageMains adapter 12 to 19VDC
Usage scenariosHigh end Intelligence operations (intel, military)
Foreign soil operations under deep cover X-MESH network based blueforce tracking
Full Situational Awareness System platform with off-the-grid capability
Map dataLocally stored World, OSM data (700+ GB), Total Off the Grid solution