This product is listed in: Counter Surveillance

Mobile Phone Protection Software

Product number: PKI 4440

PKI 4440 can be used for the operating systems Apple iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry. It helps to log all activities associated with mobile phone monitoring in an unnoticed way. To learn what is going on on your mobile phone is as simple as using your browser.

The PKI 4440 mobile phone monitoring runs in an invisible mode and provides various recording functions so that you can keep track of all the activities on your mobile phone, e.g., you can retrieve records conveniently from your browser, no matter where you are.

SMS and MMS monitoring:

• With PKI 4440, you can read all text messages (SMS) and multimedia messages (MMS) sent or received by the user of the target device. The messages are also available after deletion from the mobile phone.

• The email monitoring function informs you whether the mobile phone has been used to write personal emails or not. Tracking of the mobile phone using GPS data helps to determine the location.

• When monitoring the Internet use, you can find out which Internet site URLs have been addressed with the mobile phone. Among others, you can subsequently reconstruct the complete browsing history as well as any Internet activities.

• In case of lost or stolen mobile phones, you can trigger remote-controlled deletion of the data or blocking of the mobile phone. PKI 4440 software can be set up for mobile phone monitoring so that detailed reports about mobile phone usage can be supervised or tracked.