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Spectrum – Analyzer

Product number: PKI 4365

PKI 4365 is designed to measure power and frequencies of known and unknown frequencies in the range 10kHz – 12GHz with a sweep speed of 200GHz per second. PKI 4365 displays a full range of frequency data. PKI 4365 allows the user to quickly and easily monitor RF power levels for several specific RF bands on one screen. To achieve the highest possible input sensitivity, a variety of antennas are used for each frequency as listed below. PKI 4365 automatically detects the connected antennas or transmitters. These are displayed on the screen in the corresponding frequency range.

Hybrid Whip antenna: 300MHz – 6GHz
Fixed Hybrid antenna: 85MHz – 6GHz
Down-converter Antenna: 500MHz – 12GHz
Directional Antenna: 70MHz – 500MHz
VFL Loop: 10kHz – 30MHz
Locator Probe: 20MHz – 6GHz

Multi Carrier Probe (MCP): 100kHz – 60MHz
Visible Light/ Infrared: 10kHz – 50MHz
Ultrasonic Probe: 15kHz – 80kHz
Audio Transformer: 300Hz – 20kHz
Acoustic Leakage Detector: 300Hz – 20kHz
GPS USB Dongle: Acquires live GPS location data

Sweep speed200GHz/ second
Operating frequency range10kHz - 6GHz
Resolution bandwidthVariable depending on span: 0.0380kHz to 312.5kHz
Unchanged bandwidth25MHz
DANL - Noise Floor500kHz RBW with preamplifier: -102dBm
Attenuation0dB, 10dB, 20dB, Auto
Detection typesRF, carrier current, acoustic leakage, IR/visible light, ultrasonic.
Noise-free dynamic range81.6dB
Receiver typeSweep-tuned superheterodyne
Audio demodulationAm/ FM demodulation with filter options: Auto, 200kHz, 20kHz, 5kHz
Input portQMA connector (RF input) for supplied and additional RF antennas
Operation ModesSpectrum Analyzer, SmartBarsTM, Mobile Bands, WiFi, Bluetooth
Warning typesHaptic, audible and visible warnings
Display/control18 cm capacitive touch screen, brightness control
Display functionsZoom, screen lock, frequency span, start/stop frequencies, resolution bandwidth, centre frequency, automatic probe detection. Display types n include RF Spectral Display, SmartBars Bar Display, Cached Peak Display, WiFi/Bluethoot Scanner, Waterfall Display, Persistence Display, RSSI, Average Trace
Remote accessEthernet port for VNC remote access
Signal list creationManual or automatic depending on mode
GPSRemovable USB port, captures and stores GPS data
AudioBuilt-in loudspeaker and external headphones with adjustable volume Microphone port for acoustic leakage sensor and audio transformer
Data ports2 USB 2.0 Type A ports for software upgrades, file storage, data transfer and GPS dongle, Gigabit Ethernet port
Power supplyAC: 100 - 240V/ 50 - 60Hz; rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Runtime3 hours (per battery)
Charging time3 hours (per battery)
Dimensions13 x 20 x 5 cm
Weight1.1 kg
Housing dimensions16 x 38 x 47 cm
Weight with housing6.8 kg
Operating temperature-10°C to +53°C
Battery charging temperature-5°C to +37°C
Storage temperature-20°C to +60°C

Note: Prolonged storage at temperatures above 40°C may affect battery performance and life.