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Wireless Secret Super Stethoscope

Product number: PKI 2375

  • PKI-2375-Wireless-Secret-Super-Stethoscope

    PKI 2375 Wireless Secret Super Stethoscope

The PKI 2375 Wireless Secret Super Stethoscope is attached to walls, windows or door frames within seconds using our special adhesive. The special piezo element records the lowest sound waves which are amplified up to 30,000-fold by the built-in low-noise amplifier. A potentiometer enables the infinitely variable sensitivity adjustment from high to low and on/off. These signals in turn are transmitted via the integrated broadband HF transmitter. The miniature receiver receives them within 100m. In order to record the received conversations, an additional PKI 2105 recorder can be delivered on request. Earphones, connected to the miniature receiver enable to listen in on the desired conversations (wireless earphones on request). With the PKI 2375 Wireless Secret Super Stethoscope monitoring is possible for hours without being noticed at all. The rugged design and simple operation combined with a high sensitivity of the sound sensor offer numerous applications and have already proven itself in practical operation, all the more as both hands are free for other activities and you can freely move within 100m without attracting the attention of foreign persons.

Stethoscope sensorPiezo transducer Ø30 mm x 19 mm with integrated broadband transmitter in the UHF range
Power supplyLithium battery
Recording time24 hours
Weight30 g
Dimension85 x 60 x 22 mm
FrequencyUHF range
VolumeInfinitely variable
Recording time30 hours
SocketsFor head or ear phones, recorder, antenna
TransmitterBuilt-in in GHZ range
Weight100 g
Wireless earphones
Power supplyLi-Ion battery
DimensionØ 20 x 15 mm
FrequencyGHz range
Operating rangeUp to 10 m from receiver
Transmitting time3 hours
Weight20 g
VariousComes with charger and suitcase