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Wireless Super Stethoscope, stereo

Product number: PKI 2370

  • PKI-2370-Wireless-Super-Stethoscope-stereo

    PKI 2370 Wireless Super Stethoscope, stereo

For SWAT operations, the PKI 2370 Wireless Super Stethoscope, stereo offers the best technical monitoring option meeting the highest demands regarding eavesdropping through walls, doors, ceilings. No conversation remains undetected. Within seconds both sound sensors are attached to the object to be monitored using our special adhesive. In most cases, these are walls, windows or door frames. The distance to the sound sensor can be optionally chosen from 20cm to 2m. The sound waves are recorded independently by both special piezo elements and are multiplied up to 30,000-fold by the built-in low-noise amplifier. A potentiometer of the respective sound sensor enables the optional sensitivity adjustment from high to low and on/off. The sound sensor with the integrated broadband HF transmitter transmits the recorded signals to our special stereo headset with built-in receiver within 100m. An additional PKI 2105 recorder can record these on request. Exterior noise, caused by vehicles, etc., is eliminated by the closed headset system. As a result of its construction, the PKI 2370 Wireless Super Stethoscope, stereo makes the operation very simple and effective, all the more as both hands are free for other activities. The rugged design and simple operation combined with the most advanced surveillance technology in stereo quality has perfectly proven itself in many SWAT operations.

HeadsetNoise protector 31 dB SNR, H 32 dB, M 28 dB, L 23 dB
Frequency response20 - 20.000 Hz audio
Rx frequency2.3 GHz - 2.5 GHz
Connection/Charging3.5 mm phone jack /USB
Power supplyLi-Ion battery 3.7 V, 220 mAh
Power consumption180 mA = approx. 6.5 h
WeightApprox. 350 - 400 g
Tx frequency2.3 - 2.5 GHz
ModulationFM +/- 3 MHz !!!
Power consumption80 mA
Power supplyLIPO battery 3.7 V
Operating time2.5 - 3 hours
HF powerApprox. 100 mW
Amplification30.000 fold
VolumeInfinitely variable
Stethoscope sensor2x super piezo sensor, each Ø30 x 3 mm with built-in VHF transmitter, sensitivity infinitely variable with on/off
Dimension75 x 40 x 14 mm
PKI special headphones with built-in VHF receiverWireless with infinitely adjustable power and charging/recording socket for PKI 2105
VariousCharger, mastic material for piezo element