This product is listed in: Counter Surveillance

Bug and Camera Detection Set

Product number: PKI 4095

This PKI 4095 Bug and Camera Detection Set consists of 5 different individual devices for detecting wiretaps and video cameras. The frequency range from 50MHz to 12GHz allows monitoring of the entire RF range plus detection of non-transmitting cameras. Each unit has special features-adjustable settings and threat level indicators to detect and find unwanted surveillancedevices. Each unit is designed for covert search. LED, sound and graphic indicators help narrow down the search and type of devices. These PKI 4095 Bug and Camera Detection Set measure and monitor those within range that ermit an RF signal from 50MHz to 12GHz. The stronger the signal, the closer the decive. The detectors detect RF frequencies of spy devices for mobile phones, Bluetooth and WLAN, which could be hidden in everyday objects.

The PKI 4095 Detection Set consists of:

  • 3-band RF detector 50MHz – 12GHz
  • Wireless detector 824MHz – 7000MHz
  • Digital RF detector 50MHz – 12GHz
  • Camera finder of non-transmitting cameras
  • RF wireless signal wall in the frequency range 50MHz – 8GHz



Dimensions43 x 32 x 13cm