This product is listed in: Counter Surveillance

Conference Phone and Bug Detector

Product number: PKI 4255

Time and again, information of conference talk leaks to the outside which, in some cases, has devastating consequences. To prevent this, PKI has especially developed a note pad for the conference table for each participant with integrated electronics to detect cell phones and listening devices. At the beginning of the conference, this can be mentioned or a remark on the note pad indicates it. This should normally suffice to switch off cell phones or not to activate listening devices. Should this not be accepted despite the initial remark and should anyone act wrongfully, a red LED lamp on the note pad of each participant lights up. The participant in the conversation can be expelled from the conference and can be held responsible for it. The company director can switch on/off PKI 4255 Conference Phone and Bug Detector via remote control. So the participants cannot manipulate the PKI 4255 Conference Phone and Bug Detector.

Dimensions600 x 450 mm
Weight2,4 kg
Power supplyLi-ion battery
Sensitivity3-stage slide switch with ON/OFF
Operating time16 hours
Frequency range CDMA 824 - 849 MHz
GSM 880 - 920 MHz
GSM (DCS) 1710 - 1790 MHz WCDMA 3G, GSM (PCS) Dect 1920 - 2000 MHz
Bluetooth, WiFi, 2400 - 2480 MHz
WIMAX 3000 - 6000 MHz
Antenna2 omni-directional, integrated
Detection range1 - 10 m
Bug detector
Frequency1 MHz - 7 GHz
AntennaDirectional, integrated
DisplayOptical, clearly visible red LED
MiscellaneousComplete delivery; Charger, note pad with fully integrated electronics, fully camouflaged, only red LED is visible