This product is listed in: Police, Customs and Military Equipment

Wireline control Detector

Product number: PKI 8495

PKI 8495 is designed for object inspection in the field or on roads to detect explosives with electrical components, improvised explosive devices (IED), mines etc. It can also be used to inspect questionable objects, search for sabotage terrorist devices or search for hidden caches with weapons, ammunition or explosives. These special search requests can be controlled with PKI 8495. Especially this particular detector should not be missing in security teams or law enforcement agencies. It is well known to the relevant authorities that terrorists usually use wired IEDs, such as standard SPP-s detonating cables or telephone cables. PKI 8495 detects such IED command lines with a length of over 20m and underground at a depth of max. 30cm at a distance of 4m from their connections.

Weight3,3 kg
Power supply6 AA cells, 2.5Ah
Start-up timeUnder 10 minutes
Search speed3 -5 km/h
Detection operating accuracyNot worse than +/- 10 cm
Continuous operating timeAbout 10 hours
Operating temperature range-40°C to +50°C
HumidityUp to 100%

⦁ User-friendly design, the device can be easily adjusted to the operator’s measurements, surface relief and the height of the given vegetation
⦁ Short RC IED wire detection (from 20m and longer)
⦁Two operating modes:

  • Unknown wire detection
  • Detected wire tracking
  • Audio display
  • LED display:
  • Signal level in wired search mode
  • Direction of deflection from the detected conductor path

⦁ LED display for the status of the power source together with the continuous voltage control
⦁ Possibility of operation with separate generator and receiver modules