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Portable Magnetometric Gradiometer

Product number: PKI 8570

PKI 8570 can be used for the detection of ferromagnetic objects such as unexploded ordnance or other explosive objects in soil or water. PKI 8570 is intended for humanitarian demining and other special operations.

Weight2,7 kg
Operating time (continuous)More than 8 hours
Operating principleMagnetometric gradiometer
Max. detection depth of 100 mm artillery shellsNot less than 2.5 m
Max. detection depth of 152 mm artillery shellsNot less than 3.5 m
Max. detection depth of an aircraft bomb FAB-500Not less than 5 m

⦁ Significant depth of detection of unexploded ordnance
⦁ Possibility of scanning the detected ferromagnetic object position
⦁ Can be used as part of a versatile integral system for ferromagnetic object detection.
⦁ Ability to detect explosives at a depth of up to 7m
⦁ Possibility of adapting the device profile to the requirements of the real task