This product is listed in: Police, Customs and Military Equipment

Mobile Monitoring Station with Telescopic Mast

Product number: PKI 9350

PKI 9350 operates completely autonomously, i.e. it is provided with its own power supply (rechargeable battery, generator). Cameras for day/night, floodlights attached to a telescopic mast extendable up to 12m. All electronics such as A/V recorder, transmitter for wireless data transmission, etc. are integrated into the trailer. PKI 9350 is equipped as requested by the customer and should not be missing at any police operations centre. A megaphone can also be integrated (refer to PKI 7435 and PKI 9340).

Dimensions Trailer2.20 (L) x 1.80 (W) x 3.50m (H)
Weight750kg – 1,250kg depending on the equipment
Mast4 extendable cylinders, max. height 15m
Power supply220 VAC or 110 VAC (option)
Operating Voltage24 VDC
ApprovalsCE-certified, IP65
MiscellaneousAsk for your individual requirements regarding the monitoring equipment.