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Bulletproof Helmet

Product number: PKI 9620

The PKI 9620 Bulletproof Helmet is produced using extremely dense aramid ballistic material to comply with level III-A ballistic performance. The interior includes trauma pads to help reduce user trauma and also contributes to user’s comfort. With a cover, the PKI 9620 Bulletproof Helmet is compatible with side rails & attachments and is available in four sizes to fit comfortably & effectively on each user.

⦁ State-of-the-art SPUA coating and anti-glare matte finish which features: low profile, waterproof, shock resistant and high temperature resistant performance.

⦁ With the 4 points retention system with detachable and resilient foam padding it is 7 times more stable and secure even under intense operations. It also makes the wearers more comfortable due to the good ventilation and breathability performance.

⦁ Advanced adjustable suspension system, durable Nylon strap/ harness with quick release buckle and breathable chip cup. Reinforced tactical side rails (ARC) and shroud with hooked elastic band. It is compatible with some tactical accessories such as night vision devices, goggles, camera, communications headsets, flashlight and etc.

⦁ Conform to NIJ-STD -0106.01 Level IIIA (Modified) and STANAG2920, withstanding pistol ammunition like 9mm Para FMJ and .44Magnum SJHP shot from 5 meters, excellent fragment protection against high velocity shrapnels. The ballistic material of the helmet is made from Aramid/UHMW-PE fabric which features approx. 650m/s to 680m/s high V50 value (MIL-STD-662F) and excellent ballistic performance.

MaterialAramid/ UHMWPE
Size267 x 245 x 165mm, one size fits for all. Can be customized.
ColourBlack, Green, Tan, other colours are available for quantity orders.
Unit weight1.54 - 1.72kg
Protective area0.13sqm
Thickness7.8 - 8mm
Ballistic levelNIJ IIIA (9mm/ 44mm)
AccessoryChin strap, Suspension system & Pad
Warrenty5 years