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Counter Surveillance Set

Product number: PKI 4855

  • PKI-4850-Counter-Surveillance-Set

    PKI 4850 Counter Surveillance Set

It is PKIs ambition to enable performance on the verge of technical feasibility. This motivates the PKI employees for innovation, research and development.
To make sure that conferences, secret conversations or telephone calls cannot be listened in or transmitted by unknown persons, PKI has assorted this Counter Surveillance Set. A wide variety of eavesdropping possibilities have been taken into consideration. These special devices are designed for the professional use and should be part of any basic equipment of the police special forces. Please find a detailed list of the individual devices below.

As an extra recommendation to be 100% sure that interception is impossible, we offer our PKI 6700 – PKI 6715 Counter Surveillance Set.
Please find a detailed description under PKI 6700 – PKI 6715.

PKI 4215 Bug Detector 1MHz -7GHz
PKI 4720 Camera Detector
PKI 6870 Mains Jammer
PKI 4170 Non-Linear Junction Detector
PKI 4220 Detector for Wireless Systems and WLAN Transmitter
PKI 4400 Portable Noise Generator
PKI 4145 Multichannel RF Signal Detector
PKI 6890 GPS Jammer
PKI 4235 Scan Detecting Analyzer
PKI 6750 Mobile Phone and WiFi Jammer