This product is listed in: Counter Surveillance

Bug Finder 10MHz – 12GHz

Product number: PKI 4705

Our PKI 4705 Bug Finder 10MHz – 12GHz is developed according to the latest innovations in eavesdropping technology. In the face of increasing digitalisation and miniaturisation, eavesdropping devices will become more and more difficult to detect. The most diverse modulation methods such as WLAN, SSB, AM, PCM, NFM, GSM, SS, FM, DECT and PAM are covered by the PKI 4705 Bug Finder.

Due to the powerful, yet small 3.7V LI-ion battery, the PKI 4705 Bug Finder can be made very small and fits in the palm of a hand. The PKI Bug Finder 10MHz – 12GHz has a dynamic acoustic blip. As the PKI 4705 Bug Finder gets closer to the source of the RF signal, the frequency of the blip intensifies. Once the blip hits a constant tone, the blip interval can be reset, allowing the user to refine the tracking of the source being tracked. For further refinement, 2 Log Per antennas in the frequency range of 900 – 2500MHz and 2000 – 11 000MHz are also supplied. Apart from the 2 omnidirectional antennas from 20 – 1500MHz and 9000 – 12000MHz.

Modulation methodsFM, NFM, WFM, AM, PCM, PAM, DECT, WLAN, GSM, SS, SSB
Frequency Range10MHz – 12.000MHz
LogPer-Antenna900MHz – 2.500MHz
LogPer-Antenna2.000MHz – 11.000MHz
Omni-Antenna20MHz – 1.500MHz
Omni-Antenna900MHz – 12.000MHz
Input impedance50 Ohm
SoundInternal speaker or headset (2.5 mm headset jack/ mono)
Display12-point LED display
ConnectorSMA microwave socket
SettingsVia Auto-Sense button
Power-supplyLithium-Polymer battery 3.7V
Operational time3h
Charging time1.5h