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Handheld Non-Linear Junction Detector

Product number: PKI 4155

The PKI 4155 Handheld Non-Linear Junction Detector is able to detect all electronic devices that are either switched on or disconnected from the power source. This built-in spectrum analyser allows visual identification of electronic components. A detection of small electronic objects such as SIM cards, RFID tags, GPS trackers and listening devices is simply much faster with PKI 4155. Identifying small electronic devices on people’s bodies is also easy to locate with PKI 4155.

The PKI 4155 Handheld Non-Linear Junction Detector has proven itself under the most difficult localisation conditions. This is only possible due to the low weight and the extendable telescopic device. PKI 4155 detects any electronic device whether it is shielded, well wired or switched off. The presence of a 2nd and 3rd harmonic spectrum analyser provides a visual mode of detection of electronic components us natural semiconductors. CW mode can be used to detect working annalogue radio microphones based on the occurrence of acoustic feedback. Additional evaluation of 2nd and 3rd harmonic levels by listening to the frequency of clicks played through the built-in speaker or wireless headphones.

The receiver sensitivity is manually adjustable, as is the output power. Autonomous search for the frequency channel with the lowest strength level for operation in a difficult electromagnetic situation is also possible with PKI 4155. PKI 4155 is mainly used for counterintelligence, whereby a search of the premises for electronic devices is carried out in the switched-on or switched-off state. It also includes the inspection of vehicles. Also surveillance of persons and objects such as parcels, suspicious bags, etc.

Bandwidth2395 - 2405MHz
Two types of radiated signalsPulse - pulse modulation of the carrier frequency with a duty cycle 44
CW - Continuous emission of the carrier frequency
Maximum peak power in pulse mode (pulses) 10W
Maximum average radiated power in pulse mode (pulses) 230mW
Maximum continuous radiated power (CW) 300mW
Manual power adjustment range 20dB
Directional pattern width 90 degrees
Frequency rate Second harmonic 4790 - 4810MHz
Third harmonic 7185 - 7215MHz
The receiver sensitivity is not worse than -110dBm
Dynamic range of the receiving section (including attenuator)24 (10)dB
Number of frequency channels with automatic selection of the receive channel11
In working condition, without telescopic rod 50 x 17 x 5.5cm
In folded state, without telescopic rod 29 x 17 x 6.5cm
Size of the telescopic rod when folded 43 x 4 x 4cm
Size of telescopic pole when extended 99 x 4 x 4cm
Weight in working condition without telescopic pole800g
Weight of the telescopic rod 0.4kg
Power supply
Li-ion battery 12V
Capacity 7.8Ah
Continuous operating time at maximum power not less thanIn pulse mode 3h
In CW mode 1.5h


  • Spare antenna module
  • Handle control panel with built-in battery container
  • Removable telescopic rod
  • 2 exchangeable (Li-Ion) batteries (12V)
  • Charger for rechargeable batteries
  • 220V charger for rechargeable batteries
  • Headphones
  • Carrying bag
  • User manual

Capabilities of the Handheld Non-Linear Junction Detector

Maximum detection efficiency for any device in the most difficult conditions when used with other PKI interchangeable antenna modules. The presence of an additional battery with a charging time much shorter than the discharging time allows the unit to operate around the clock if necessary. The thinness (18mm) of the antenna module, the compact design and the light weight of the unit make it possible to carry out searches in a limited space and in hard-to-reach places. Two types of radiated signals: pulse modulation of the carrier frequency with a duty cycle of 44 (pulses) and continuous signal (CW).