This product is listed in: Counter Surveillance

Detection Receiver 10kHz to 6GHz

Product number: PKI 4245

The PKI 4245 Detection Receiver 10kHz to 6GHz detects known, unknown, illegal disruptive or interfering RF transmission in a frequency range between 10kHz and 6GHz. A variety of user selected operating modes are presented on a 3.5″ graphical touch screen display. Portability, versatility and responsiveness make the PKI 4245 Detection Receiver advantageous for many technical applications. To ensure the necessary input sensitivity of the PKI 4245 Detection Receiver 10kHz to 6GHz, we use 4 different antennas in the range from 10kHz to 60MHz for aignal detection on power lines. 740MHz – 2.75GHz for the detection of cell phones, WiFi, 20MHz – 6GHz low gain antenna for short range locating, 30MHz – 6GHz whip/dipole passive RF antenna was developed. The antennas can individually be connected to the PKI 4245 Detection Receiver using a cable connector.

Dimensions80 x 160 x 30mm
Power supply3.400mAh Li-ion Batteries 2x, USB recharger
RF Detector sensitivity-75dBm for 3GHz frequency, -85dBm for probes providing frequency at 500MHz
Display3.5" (4cm) capacitive touch screen
Built-in speaker and headphone jackWith adjustable volume control
Frequency counterProvides frequency of strongest signal
Stepped attenuation control30dB, 20dB, 10dB, auto, off
Trigger alterThe function provides warnings when RF levels exceed defined theresholds