This product is listed in: Counter Surveillance

Multifunctional bug tracker

Product number: PKI 4310

This PKI 4310 combined tracking device enables the detection of listening devices, whether hidden or wired. Two operating modes make these user-friendly applications possible. ST-600 has two operating modes: „Detector of a magnetic area“ mode. This mode is intended for searching for functioning listening devices. The mode is implemented by receiving, converting and displaying electromagnetic signals resulting from the operation of electronic equipment. The built-in magnetic antenna is used as a receiver. The frequency range of the antenna (0.04 – 30kHz) enables the detection of devices with shielded housings. Operating mode „Cable Line Detector“. It is intended for locating cables when searching for wired listening devices. This mode is implemented by sending a test signal (frequency 455kHz, modulated by a two-colour low-frequency signal) to a wired line and receiving it with a contactless sensor. The test signal is generated by a generator and fed to the cable. To compensate for the attenuation of the signal, an adjustment of the generator power is provided.

Main module
Magnetic field sensor
Sensor typeDifferential
Frequency range 0.4 ... 30 kHz
Threshold sensitivity 10 A/m² Hz
Signal frequency 455kHz
Signal amplitude 0.1 ... 3 V
Type of signal modulationPulse amplitude modulation (PAM)
Power supply 3.7V
Sensor of the electric field
(receiver of the cable trace detector)
Sensor typeDifferential
Operating frequency 455kHz
Bandwidth 30kHz
Slide special threshold adjustment30dB
Threshold sensitivity v/m² 10HZ
Power supply 3.7V
Weight and dimensions
Weight of the main unit0,34 kg
Main unit dimensions212 x 64 x 60 mm
Weight of the generator0,2 kg
Dimensions of the generator110 x 64 x 60 mm