This product is listed in: Counter Surveillance

Wiretap tracker in power lines

Product number: PKI 4305

PKI 4305 can be used to locate eavesdropping devices which are galvanically connected to the object under investigation with current and low current wire lines. This is not possible with conventional HF detection devices. The various operating modes, such as LF amplifier, reflector network, receiver and detector for non-linear transitions, enable detection and analysis. Adapters, couplers and cables are supplied to perform the various types of measurements and all possible combinations of pairs of multicore cables. This allows fast detection with PKI 4305.

Low frequency amplifier (LFA)
Frequency range20 - 25000Hz
Input resistance200kOhm
Gain adjustment range0 - 60dB
The maximum signal amplitude at one input10 V
Spectral density of the noise voltage6 nV/Hz
Preload values0, +/-5, +/-10, +/-15, +/-20, +/- 26
Form of the representation of a signalOscillogram, spectrogram
Measuring range with direct current+/- 80 V
Wire receiver (WR)
Frequency range0.1 - 180 MHz
Time of scanning of the entire range0.3 - 1 S
Minimum level of the detected signal in automated mode-60 dBm
Dynamic range50 dB
Input resistance50 Ohm
DemodulationAm, FM
Filter bandwidth180 kHz
Maximum permissible voltage in cable250 (AC), 80 (DC) V
Data representation in the form ofSpectrogram, oscillogram, table