This product is listed in: Counter Surveillance

UAV Detecting and Jamming Device

Product number: PKI 4340

Drones are becoming easier to acquire and operate. This makes them an active threat, as new and creative ways to prevent them from entering high-security environments must be found. High mobility, speed and low visibility make the drones useful tools for threats and attacks. They can be used for material, physical, harassment or even espionage damage, thus posing a threat to intelligence, research, security and defense, physical facilities, the public, privacy and security. PKI technology can be used by civil, military, police, private security companies, etc. to enhance and strengthen their defenses against the hostile intentions of this new threat called the drone. Commercial facilities, office buildings, critical infrastructure, private homes, bridges, dams, communication networks, airports, prisons, etc. … they are most likely to be threatened by drones and easily attacked. Let’s not forget the celebrities, executives, dignitaries and other personalities who are personally responsible for security concerns. PKI has the technology to monitor and protect these environments and people, to provide early warning, localization and presence of drones. PKI technology can be easily integrated into existing security systems to provide highly accurate, real-time detection and alerting. Emits instant alerts via email, SMS or set up your alarm system, which always enables a fast and proactive response.

Operating Frequencies400 - 2483 MHz, 5725 - 5850 MHz,1559 - 1616 MHz
Interference distanceUp to 2.1 KM, higher under optimal otographic conditions
Effective interference range> 3 - 7 times the distance between TX and RX of the UAV
Dimensions410 x 90 x 55 mm
Weight2 kg
Power supplyLithium batteries
Operating time60 minutes in continuous use, 250 minutes in intermittent use