This product is listed in: Counter Surveillance

Non-Linear Junction Evaluator

Product number: PKI 4190

PKI 4190 is a state-of-the-art Non-Linear Junction Detector for the detection of hidden electronic devices. For locating mainly listening devices, wired, wireless and on/off devices. This is particularly the case in walls, floors, ceilings, fixtures, etc. The digital signal processing increases the sensitivity and amplification and conducts up to 18dB higher detection sensitivity. The integrated frequency hopping method provides the best result when using several transmission frequencies over a wide operating band. The power control of PKI 4190 can be manual or automatic, from 30mW to 3W. Frequency stability is ensured by the integrated synthesizer receiver. For the detection of various electronic components, PKI 4190 offers 3 different operating modes, such as continuous wave operation, pulsating operation and frequency hopping. PKI 4190 may only be used by authorities, persons and organizations that are not restricted by the US FCC regulations.

Frequency bands840 - 915 MHz in 200 KHz steps
Search powerFrom 30 mW to 3 W
Power control Manual or automatic control with 30 dB range
Setup time25 sec
Control functionsVolume, transmit power, frequency selection, signal processing gain, trigger point warning setting.
ReceiverSecond harmonic frequency band 1680 - 1830 MHz; third harmonic frequency band 2520 - 2745 MHz
Sensitivity-133 dBm for both harmonics
Receive bandwidth3kHz
Sensitivity powerProgrammable (between 6 and 18 dB CDSP/ SW - Integration)