This product is listed in: Counter Surveillance

3 Band RF-Detector

Product number: PKI 4150

The PKI 4150 3 Band RF-Detector is designed to locate PKI analogue and digital RF listening devices. PKI 4150 offers special high sensitivity in 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth networks. The entire frequency range from 50MHz to 12GHz is divided into 3 bands. The user interface is easy and understandable to use. The respective signal type such as DECT device idle, active DECT device, GSM, 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth is displayed. Different working modes such as silent, audio or alarm can be set individually. The alarm speed is also adjustable, so the PKI 4150 will alarm when a signal exceeds the alarm threshold. The built-in directional microwave antenna ensures high sensitivity to 3G and wireless protocols.

Frequency rangeBand 1 50 - 700 MHz
Band 2 700 - 3 GHz;
Band 3 3 - 12 GHz
Display ModesAll Bands and One Band
Alarm indicationPARAGRAPH shows the momentary RF level
HISTOGRAM displays the RF signal over 5 seconds
SIGNATURE displays the possible signal type
AntennaBuilt-in directed microwave antenna
HousingShock-resistant CNC milled duraluminium
BatteryRechargeable Li-Ion battery
Battery runtime6 h
ControlledBy microcontrollers
Display2x built-in OLED displays