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Digital Wideband RF & GSM/ 3G Detector (1MHz – 10GHz)

Product number: PKI 4100

PKI 4100 Digital Wideband RF & GSM/ 3G Detector (1MHz – 10GHz) is an intelligent compact handheld counter surveillance device designed to detect and locate the presence of covert surveillance devices. The PKI 4100 has got two independent RF detectors, one that detects a Wideband range of 0 to 10.000MHz (10GHz) and another which detects only the Cellular GSM900, GSM1800 and 3G (UMTS) bands with much increased sensitivity. These two independent detectors can operate simultaneously for maximum detection capability or separately to allow specific types of devices to be detected or filtered.

Our latest digital RF and microprocessor technology is utilized to provide very high sensitivity across a wide frequency range to ensure detection and location of even the weakest radio transmissions. The Wideband 1MHz – 10GHz mode is used to detect VHF, UHF and Microwave transmitters. Such devices include miniature room transmitters or bugs, main powered transmitters, telephone transmitters, video transmitters, mobile telephones, fixed frequency tracking devices, walkie talkies etc.

The Cellular GSM & 3G mode is used to detect transmissions from cellular mobile phone based devices. Such devices include mobile phones, GPD vehicle trackers, GSM listening devices (bugs) and convert wireless 3G cameras. With the Digital Peak Pulse mode, which is used to detect signals from devices that only transmit momentarily and to indicate that a signal has been detected. Such devices include vehicle trackers, GSM devices with SMS text messages or burst transmitters that accumulate information and transmit it in short bursts.

Features of the PKI 4100 Digital Wideband RF & GSM/ 3G Detector (1MHz – 10GHz):

  • Two built-in RF Detectors: 0-10GHz and GSM/3G
  • RF Detectors can operate independently or simultaneously for maximum flexibility
  • Cellular Mode to detect GSM900, GSM1800 and 3G(UMTS2100) devices
  • Ultra sensitive – detects signals from up to 10m
  • Detected Band/Frequency Indicator to help identify device/network type
  • Digital Burst Signal Detector for GSM/3G Tracker/SMS (text) detection
  • Wideband Mode – ultra wide frequency response 10GHz
  • Built-in Frequency Counter GSM/3G Antenna Input 2G 900MHz
  • Intelligent Digital or Analogue Indicator to determine signal type
  • 10 Segment Signal Strength Meter
  • Ultra high sensitivity to locate even the weakest signals
  • Backlit LCD Display for use in all conditions
  • Audio Demodulation
  • Silent Vibrate & Beep Modes for signal strength
  • Internal Li-Ion battery pack and mains charger
  • Machined aluminum enclosure for ultimate durability
  • Supplied in Heavy Duty Carry Case
GSM/3G Antenna Input 2G 900 MHz
Center Frequency897,50 MHz
Band Width880-915 MHz
Out-of-Band Attn>40dB typ
Min. Detection Level-35dBm typ
Peak Detect Threshold31dBm typ
Response Time100ms
Input Frequency range1 MHz - 10.000 MHz (10 GHz)
Sensitivity100 MHz - 49 dBm
200 MHz - 47 dBm
500 MHz - 46 dBm
1 GHz - 41 dBm
2 GHz - 36 dBm
5 GHz - 18 dBm
10 GHZ - 3 dBm
Antenna Connector for Wideband Antenna InputMCX Socket -50 Ohm
Demodulation Sensitivity for 50mW Audio-30 dBm
Frequency Response400Hz - 5kHz +/- 2dB
GSM/3G Antenna Input 2G 900 MHz
Center Frequency897,50 MHz
Band Width880-915 MHz
Out-of-Band Attn>40dB typ
Min. Detection Level-35dBm typ
Peak Detect Threshold31dBm typ
Response Time100ms
GSM/3G Antenna Input 3G(UMTS) 1950MHz (WCDMA)
Center Frequency1950.00 MHz
Band Width1925 - 1975MHz
Out-of-Band Attn>70dB
Min. Detection Level-75dBm
Peak Detect Threshold70dBm
Response Time100ms

Supplement Accessories:

  • Semi-Rigid Wideband Whip Antenna
  • With Semi-Rigid GSM / 3G Whip Antenna
  • Earphones
  • 9V DC Charger – 110V to 240V AC input (Audio Switching) with International Adaptors
  • Protective Heavy Duty Carry Case
Instrument Display
TypeLCD STN Backlit
RF Signal Strength10 element bargraph
RF Carrier Frequency2800.0MHz (2.80GHz) maximum
Internal Audio Amplifier
Output Power 0.25W
Frequerncy response300Hz - 15kHz +/-1dB
Headphone Connector3.5mm Jack
Internal Battery7.2V 1100mAH Li-Ion rechargeable
Operating Duration (fully charged battery)5 to 6 hours
Charge Time4 hours maximum
Operating Temperature Range-10°C to +50°C
Relative Humidity< 90%
Dimensions135 x 84 x 30mm
Signal Processing and ControlRISC Based Microcontroller