This product is listed in: IMSI-CATCHER

Catcher Detector

Product number: PKI 1665

The PKI 1665 Catcher Detector is an inconspicuous smartphone-based device that is able to test the surrounding mobile networks for the presence of IMSI catchers or monitoring systems. The PKI 1665 can permanently scan all mobile networks and technologies regardless of having a SIM card or not. It warns the user of suspicious radio cells on the basis of several parameters.

Designed as a smartphone, the PKI 1665 Catcher Detector can be used concealed and undetected during meetings and conferences. In a further step, the user interface clearly shows the responsible parameters that led to recognition. If the suspicion is confirmed that an illegal cell has been detected, the source of the transmission can be easily searched and located with our PKI 1665. The display will then show the signal strength and a beep depending on the signal strength helps to find the location of the broadcast. The PKI 1665 supports all mobile technologies (GSM / 3G / 4G) and can be additionally equipped with a SIM card, which makes it possible to transmit the measurement results. This is especially helpful when using several PKI 1665 in parallel.