This product is listed in: IMSI-CATCHER

Directional Finder

Product number: PKI 1660

Portable Directional Finder

The PKI 1660 Directional Finder is a portable device. It has a directional antenna, which can be rotated 360° and until it finds the direction of reception. The antenna must be turned at very low speed to reach the target power level to be able to collect. It identifies the area of greater intensity and shows the direction in which the target is located (power source).

Directional Finder for Car Use
This unit is supplied with four directional antennas. Each of these antennas can cover 90° and is facing the respective direction. Together, all the antennas used enable to cover 360°. All antennas receive signals from the target with differences in strength. The devices use these signals and convert them into the correct direction from which the signal is emitted. After monitoring various areas, the direction finder will find the correct location display where the target mobile is located.

Directional Finder for Arial Use
The equipment is supplied with a directional antenna, which is always mounted downwards on the ground knows. There are constantly signals being detected and fed into the systems. The closer the target, the greater the signal strength. All signal samples are carefully analysed and the Location area found. The aircraft should circle over the suspected area at a constant speed. The collected data and information will be carefully analysed and then, by Triangulation and signal analysis, assigned to the correct location of the target on the map.

Directional Finder for Prison Use
With this technology you are able to analyse and analyse mobile phones in prisons and to locate. By means of antennas, which are located in the corners of the premises, it is possible Analysis and monitoring of the mobile devices in operation from the inside of a prison. Mobile radio signals are detected and transmitted within the received, so that they are located and assigned to the specific location in the prison can be. Certain mobile phones can also be detected. In addition, you can allow them, or not, to be identified with a white and black list of Phone numbers inside the prison work.

Triangulation Method
Using directional, omni-directional antennas and/or an antenna array, you can electronically determine the source of transmitting signals coming from a specific target. Locating a mobile phone based on a single antenna can place the mobile phone in a broad area, but it cannot pinpoint it. As the phone connects to more antennas, the accuracy improves. By using antenna triangulation (3 antennas), it is possible to determine a phone location to within a distance of about +/- 1 meter.