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External Directional Finder module

Product number: PKI 1710

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The external direction finder module is an optional device for determining the direction of suspicious networks. The only available version of the PKI 1710 External Directional Finder module module supports the following frequencies:

  • LTE:                             2600/ 2100/ 1800/ 900/ DD 800MHz
  • UMTS:                         2100/ 1800/ 900MHz
  • GSM:                           1900/ 1800/ 900/ 850MHz

The module is powered by the PKI 1690 device via a USB Type-C cable. The multi-band signal meter is housed in an ergonomic handle and is available in polymer or wraparound rubber versions. The PKI 1710 External Directional Finder module is a wideband directional antenna for the frequency range 700 – 4000MHz with an average gain of 44dBi.

List of Content (Standard Set)
PKI 1710 7040x Antenna
PKI 1690 holder
Cable SetHardcase
Multiband signal meter for digital radio