This product is listed in: Interception and Monitoring Systems

WiFi Monitoring

Product number: PKI 1715

The PKI 1715 WiFi Monitoring system captures ambient monitoring of wireless networks in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands. The PKI 1715 WiFi Monitoring system consists of a hardware unit equipped with special software and client software that works with Windows.

Capabilities of the PKI 1715 WiFi Monitoring:

The PKI 1715 WiFi Monitoring system intercepts data, analyses it and forwards the necessary data to the client software. With one transceiver, up to 8 access points can be used simultaneously. The maximum possible number of access points for a typical hardware unit is 32. Additional units can be connected to the system simultaneously. They are used by the system as a single hardware unit containing only additional transmitters. The following access points can be used: open, WPA, WPA2, WEP and others can be added if required. Acquisition and storage of the acquired data without external applications. The system allows the recorded data to be tested locally.

Hunting for targets

With PKI 1715 WiFi Monitoring it is possible to catch an operator target with a forged access point using the WiFi module. The operator can provide a list of SSIDs with which the target is familiar. With an active probe, PKI 1715 is able to find those access points that the target will try to connect to. When a matching SSID is found, PKI 1715 automatically sets up an access point for it.

Wireless scanning

PKI 1715 displays the list of participants in the WiFi wireless environment. The system collects the MAC addresses of the visible devices, the time of the first and last appearance of the device in the wireless environment, the power of the received signal, etc.

Fake access point

It is possible with PKI 1715 to create a fake WiFi access point with a strong signal and with any credentials for this network via the GMW.Net application.

Disabling devices from the WiFi network

The PKI 1715 WiFi Monitoring system can send the deauthification request to any destination to disable the device from a WiFi network.

Examples of use by the PKI 1715 WiFi Monitoring:

The PKI 1715 system has two usable views of client statistics:

  • The raw list of the last states of the radio environment
  • Client porting view