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WiFi Clone System

Product number: PKI 1705

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The PKI 1705 WiFi Clone System consists of four components.

  1. A software jam controller that hides the target Wi-Fi hotspot, only this and the nearest accessible repeater, and ensures that clients disconnect from this hotspot.
  2. A hotspot controller that creates the new cloned Wi-Fi and silently connects the clients to it.
  3. A password hacking server to which the hotspot controller sends the collected data to enable password hacking.
  4. A management computer that operates at a remote location and allows the user to remotely control the entire system.

In this application, the PKI 1705 WiFi Clone System devices are connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot. When the Wi-Fi clone system is switched on, they are disconnected and covertly reconnected to the cloned hotspot. The device now uses the internet as before, but the network traffic is controlled and modified by the PKI 1705 WiFi Clone System. Various possibilities can be used to obtain the user’s access data: fake login pages, creation of already registered free Wi-Fi hotspots, advanced AI attacks, brute force attacks etc. The PKI 1705 WiFi Clone System analyses the hotspot to clone it, gets the necessary data, sends it to the remote hacking server. This is then able to discover and use the access data to clone the original hotspot.

Wi-Fi coverage areaDepends on the antennas, there are a lot of solutions (indoor and outdoor) omnidirectional and directional. The cover range can be up to hundreds of meters. The effective coverage area depends also from walls, ceilings and so on.
Wi-FiJammer: 2.4GHZ 7 5GHz RP-SMA connector Hotspot: 2.4GHz / 5GHz RP-SMA connector Standards: IEEE 802.11b/ g/ n Channels: 1-13 (general Europe); 1–11 (North America) Transmission Power: up to 1000mW
SecurityWEP a 64/128, 802.1X, Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), WPA-PSK, WPA-PSK II, AES, TKIP
Power supplyStandard Power: AC 100v – 220v / 25W
Internet BatteryStandard Power: DC 5V/ 3 Ah – DC 12 – 19V / 4 Ah
Running Time5 hours