This product is listed in: Interception and Monitoring Systems

Wi-Fi Hunter

Product number: PKI 1725

The PKI 1725 Wi-Fi Hunter completely passively scans the surrounding Wi-Fi networks with automatic detection of the most common attack types such as KRACK, WPS-BRUTE-FORCE and massive deauthorisation attacks. Any abnormal behaviour, such as attacks on Wi-Fi access points or cloning of existing access points, is detected by PKI 1725 Wi-Fi Hunter. The PKI 1725 also constantly analyses the surrounding network landscape and detects suspicious activity, such as the appearance of a cloned access point and frequent SSID changes. The PKI 1725, the latest model in this category, leaves nothing to be desired.

Frequencies2.4 GHz: Channels 1 - 14 (2402 MHz - 2494 MHz)
5 GHz: Channels 34 - 165 (5150 MHz - 5835 MHz)