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Longe Range WiFi Interception

Product number: PKI 1695

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Interception of information can be performed from great distances (hundreds of meters). This allows for wider intercept locations and reduces the risk of exposure, as well as increased operational reliability through shorter interception times and seamless delivery of data services to the PKI 1695 Longe Range WiFi Interception target device. Visual target identification simplifies localisation capabilities. Integration of the data extraction or infection systems enables the PKI 1695 Longe Range WiFi Interception to provide further revolutionary interception capabilities where other Wi-Fi systems have previously been unsuccessful.

Interception & Infection (Active)Multiple Wi-Fi MitM interception methods for different deployment scenarios
Leading interception radius (up to hundreds of meters)
High bandwidth data rate to/from the intercepted device
Fully integrated with various infection and data extraction systems
Robust API that allows integration with any infection system with little effort
Detection & TrackingDetection of any Wi-Fi transmitter device
Extraction of Wi-Fi metadata
Wi-Fi data analysis to identify suspects
Direction finding (3° - 8° accuracy, depending on the type of environment)
Accurate location detection (with a two-radio configuration)