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Intelligence Software

Product number: PKI 1150

The Demand
Publicly available sources can provide useful information and present an exceptional opportunity to obtain and analyse key data, statistics and evidence about people. Until now, there has been no simple solution to identify, collect and transform the vast amounts of such material into usable intelligence, as Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies have to deal with vast amounts of structured and unstructured data from Web and Social Media sources.

The Solution
Our PKI 1150 end-to-end Deep & Dark Web OSINT and Virtual Humint solution Intelligence Software provides a modular and future-proof solution for tracking Web, Deep and Dark Web, Social Media & Forums to identify, prevent and neutralize threats. The system has a clear and intuitive user interface for case management and target monitoring through real-time and historical data and provides configurable alerts when certain activities are detected


Key FeaturesDeep and Dark Web Mining
Can store historical data on a private and secure database.
Virtual HUMINT Management
Completely customizable reports, alerts and notifications
Advanced analytical functionalities, including link & statistical analysis and cross-source correlation of information
Key BenefitsCross-source (Social Media, Web, Forums, Deep and Dark Web)
Real-time and historical data view
Semantic analysis
Web and Social Media mapping
Correlation of information from different Social Media
Multilingual content translation
Open platform (third parties tools and database integration)
Customizable report generation
(for technical analysts and decision-makers)
Real-time alerts
Technical and methodical trainings
Management of the following social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and others.
Web and Social Media AnalysisReal-time trend detection
Full text search with different filters
(top liked, top shared, top influencer, top tags, etc.)
Language detection
Geo Distribution and location monitoring
Link analysis
Device detection
Multimedia management
Emotion discovery
Relationship analysis
Tag cloud results view
Source language independent
Semantic & Sentiment analysis
Multiple taxonomy management
Automatic entity extraction:
- People
- Organizations
- Places