This product is listed in: IMSI-CATCHER

Advanced IMSI Catcher

Product number: PKI 1625

The PKI 1625 Advanced IMSI Catcher pretends to be a legitimate mobile network base station that attracts and registers mobile devices. Once this registration takes place, PKI 1625 will make extracts and records of the device identity, such as IMSI, IMEI, TMSI and MSISDN.

The PKI 1625 Advanced IMSI Catcher is extremely flexible portable and can be positioned anywhere. The device offers law enforcement or intelligence agencies the ability to conduct covert surveillance anywhere. PKI 1625 automatically enables users to set ideal parameters as listed below.

Base stationSimulates GSM/ UMTS/ LTE on SDR base stations (each base station supports
simulation of any RAT GSM/UMTS/LTE).
CloneClones a real mobile network.
Scan and set-upAutomatically provides users with the ideal parameter for the most effective attraction
of mobile phone subscribers.
BandsSupports single band to quad band base stations.
DetectionPresence check of a specific mobile phone or device.
Beacon/ Silent CallCan cause targeted calling or send an RF beacon in a clear channel. The frequency
transmitted by a device can then be calibrated into a directional indicator to locate the
device, either for arrest or search and rescue purposes. Multiple simultaneous silent
calls can be made.
IDsCapture and record cellular identifiers (IMSI, IMEI, TMSI).
White listAllows a predefined list of devices to work while denying service to all others. Blacklist
BlacklistAllows operation in a targeted mode where all phones are released but a predefined
list of targets is held/denied.
DowngradeAbility to downgrade targets from LTE or UMTS to GSM.
Scheduled transmissionAccording to a schedule transmission with predefined parameters in order to
automatically skip coverage from one operator to another.

The areas of application are extremely versatile, and PKI 1625 must not be missing from the responsible authorities under any circumstances. If there are any uncertainties in this regard, PKI will be happy to provide appropriate training.

For your convenience, we give you the following examples from daily reality.

Areas of application:

PKI develops A51/ A52 decrypts that support for a range of 2 to 20 KC’s or more.

The decrypts are available in a variety of form factors and can be combined locally with a PKI tactical intercept system or strategically placed in a command and control center to remotely support multiple PKI intercept systems. PKI 1625 manipulates the network into believing that the A53 encryption protocol is not supported by the handset and therefore manipulates the network into using A51/A50 encryption.

Frequency Bands700, 800, 850/1900, 900/1800, 1700/2100, 2100, 2300, 2600, TDD and more
Power OutputOutdoor use: 25 W per BTS
Indoor use: 1 to 5 W user programmable
BTSsSupports configuration with any number of GSM, UMTS and LTE base stations
Power Source220/ 110 V, 1.5 A
RangeUp to 1,5 KM in urban areas (depending on cell site locations, buildings, etc.)
even further in rural areas
AntennaDirectional or Omnidirectional, high gain
ConnectorsLNA, SMA, N-type. Others available on request
ManagementControl application, WINDOWS based
BatteryDifferent energy packs are available, depending on use case and enclosure, allowing
anywhere between 2 to 10 hours of independent operation
Available enclosuresPelican case, car mounted 19’ rack, civil or military standard man-packs
Delivery setLaptop, Antenna, S/W