This product is listed in: IMSI-CATCHER

BTS Hunter

Product number: PKI 1690

The PKI 1690 BTS Hunter is a mobile radio receiver analyser that can monitor all GSM cellular networks (GSM, UMTS, LTE). This system is designed to detect and locate „fake“ cellular networks such as IMSI catchers and cellular intercept monitoring systems. Our PKI system is an essential tool for countermeasures to detect and prevent the interception of mobile networks.


Functions of the PKI 1690 BTS Hunter:

The PKI 1690 BTS Hunter can predefine what information is obtained from the network environment during detection.

Provided following information about the detected cell can be seen: LAC, cell ID, channel, BSIC, PCI, encryption key.

State-of-the-art Software informs the user about the progress of the scan by highlighting the currently scanned RAT (Radio Access Technology – Bluetooth, WiFi, 2G, 3G, 4G), showing the detected cells and the animation of the radar icons.

Our PKI 1690 BTS Hunter software detects each suspicious cell, reports with a special suspicious sign and displays the location. Each detected cell can be identified as normal and as a spy.

Depending on the factory setting, PKI 1690 can also detect jammers.

The user can see the provider’s logo, the provider’s name, the timestamp with the moment of the last detection and the RAT of the detected cell.


Automatic filtering of fake cells according to defined criteria.
List of cells to allow the system in real time
Completely passive scanning of the network environment
Search in the source of the selected cell