This product is listed in: Interception and Monitoring Systems

Open Source Intelligence and Avatar

Product number: PKI 1990

The PKI 1990 Open Source Intelligence and Avatar is a complete modular and scalable system for voice analysis and target profiling in social media. The goal is to identify, prevent and neutralize threats and potentially crimonal behavior. PKI 1990 provides anhanced intelligence capabilities for conducting investigative and statistical analysis of media and web channels such as twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Telegram, as well as web newspapers and forums and of course the dark web. PKI 1990 is the tool for implementing virtual Humint (avatar) techniques.

Multisource collection capabilities from social media and the web
Open platform to include additional sources (regional social media)
The system is able to create metadata that identify relationships between seemingly unrelated identities.
Interface to perform statistics based on intuitive graphical charts, reports, connection analysis (graphical) and trend analysis.
Real-time alarm module for high priority events
Implementation of virtual Humint tools to collect information not normally available on the PKI 1990 (crawling of data via embedded avatars).