This product is listed in: Interception and Monitoring Systems

Long Range WiFi Interception

Product number: PKI 1985

The PKI 1985 Long Range WiFi Interception is a powerful system that provides capabilities to detect, locate, track and identify devices communicating over long distances. The PKI 1985 WiFi radio transmitter is a sensitive WiFi radio receiver unit with digital adaptive antennas. PKI 1985 receives narrow beams, finds the direction of arrival of the targetdevice and enables identification of WiFi signals over long distances. PKI 1985 operates in 3 different ways: Passive, i.e. PKI 1985 collects only MAC addresses and other WiFi metadata, which allows very accurate localisation. Active, PKI 1985 also intercepts WiFi communication. Offensively, PKI 1985 analyses the target device and provides an injection to access all data on the device.

Long Range WiFi interception Coverage up to 10 times
Unique beamforming WiFi sensor
Device detection, localisation, interception and injection
Integration of offensive third party module providers
Precise directional determination Resistant to interference
Masses passive detection capacity