This product is listed in: Interception and Monitoring Systems

Tactical Internet Interception

Product number: PKI 1980

PKI 1980 is a powerful solution for tactical interception of the internet. It can intercept both content and metadata, either targeted for specific applications or for mass collection of all communication content. The PKI 1980 Tactical Internet Interception is not only capable of intercepting any type of IP network, but can also reach third-party sensors (e.g. DSL, WiFi, satellite) and newly transmitted network traffic (e.g. PCAP files). The PKI 1980 Tactical Internet Interception supports many Internet protocols and applications with the latest versions developed on a regular basis and regular software as these change over time. PKI provides advanced analysis features that allow the operator to quickly understand and search the intercepted data.

Totally passive
From 200Mbps to 10Gbps
Extraction of metadata and content
Real-time results
Bi & unindirectional traffic
Extended Target criteria
Support of current protocols User-friendly and secure GUI