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5kW/ 10kW Jammer on Shortwave

Product number: PKI 6980

Power Amplifier 3-30MHz 5kW, Power Amplifier 3-30MHz 10kW is a self contained water / air cooled, broadband LDMOS amplifier. The amplifier’s front panel digital display shows system status information’s of the PKI 6980.


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The following components are included in this position:

• Mast (24m)
• Mast base (to set in mast foundation)
• Antenna base with insulator and RF-intertace (EIA 1 5/8“)
• Mounting platforms at mast for guy ropes
• Mounting platforms at mast radiation wires
• Radiation wires
• Mounting material (thimbies, clamps…).
• Anti-collision warning Iight at mast top (including cable from mast top to mast base)
• Ground net
• Spark gap at mast base for lightning protection
• Steel anchors for foundations
• Foundation plan
• Ground net plan
• Statically analysis
• Safety ladder
• 7/8”-coaxial cable 100m
• Grounding material kit for coaxial cable
• Service Manual (English)

Anti-collision warning light at mast top (including cable from mast top to mast base)

Saturated output power5kW (nominal)
Frequency response3 to 30MHz
Gain70dB minimum
Flatness±2dB, ±1,5dB at rated power
Input for rated output0dBm
Harmonic distortion H2 and H320dBc at rated power, -35dB typical
Input impedance50 ohms, vswr 2:1
Output impedance50 ohms, vswr 2.5:1 typical
Mismatch tolerance3:1 max. Above 3 kW reflected power (fold back protection)
On/ Off Isolation>60dB
Output RF sample portsDir/ refl power: 60dB
Primary power400V ac +/-10% 3 phases 47-63Hz
Power consumption2 kVA max.
CoolingWater cooled on closed loop (+ internal water/air exchanger)
Air flow400 l/s
Air temperature for nominal output power+22°C
Working temperature0°C to +35°C (0°C to +50°C as option)
Storage temperature-10°C to +50°C (-20°C to +70°C as option)
RF input connectorType N female on rear panel
RF output connectorType EIA flanged 3” 1/8 on rear panel
RF output sample ports (forward and reflected)Type N female on rear panel
Interface connectorLAN on rear panel
Primary power connector3 Ph x 40 A + N + T
Sizes (W x H x D)65 x 177 x 84cm
Stationary Cage Antenna 3 - 30MHz 5kW
Frequency3 - 30MHz
Input impedance50 Ohm (nominal)
Mast height24m
Ground screen diameter48m
Wind speed160km/h