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Drone Defense System

Product number: PKI 6555

Increasing access to mini and micro UAVs makes drones a growing potential threat to national and commercial security. Drones, both commercial and non-commercial, are among the most rapidly evolving technological threats to military and civilian interests. After many years of research and development, PKI introduces its latest state-of-the-art drone detection system, the PKI 6555 Drone Defense System, which provides intrusion detection based on real-time directional measurement of the drone’s electromagnetic emissions (including remote control).

With the PKI 6555 Drone Defense System user receives alerts and warnings about intrusive drones. The PKI 6555 drone detection system can be used virtually anywhere. Already tried and tested locations of use include border protection, events, government facilities and residential areas, as well as commercial or industrial sites.

The PKI 6555 Drone Defense System is available as a single or multi-user solution and can be customised to meet the needs of any environment. Under normal circumstances, the coverage area of PKI 6555 is equal to (or better than) the maximum distance between the user and the drone, depending on the transmission power of the drone and your operator. Range of the PKI 6555 Drone Defense System can reach 50km or more. An installed detector of the PKI 6555 unit triggers an alarm as soon as control of the drone begins and signals are thus transmitted even before the drone has actually taken off.

Countermeasures can thus be initiated at a very early stage. Our PKI 6555 detector is based on a 3D directional antenna, real-time spectrum analysers and a special software plug-in for the software used. The resulting linkage of all these elements enables round-the-clock monitoring and recording with an uninterrupted data stream.

The highly flexible PKI 6555 system is extremely compact and also saves considerable measurement time. This ensures that it can practically be set up and used at any location. The PKI 6555 Drone Defense System can be extended with an integrated automatic jammer, which effectively prevents a drone from receiving the associated RF signals and activates the drone’s fail-safe mode, for example, to hover or land safely or to return to its point of origin. This caused interference is highly selective to ensure that other RF channels are not affected by the operation.

Apart from being highly selective, the jammer is directional and only jams signals in the direction of the incoming UAV. RF detection of drone signals has significant advantages over other methods such as radar, optical and acoustic detection. The system developed by PKI also does not confuse UAVs with other flying objects such as birds, balloons or kites.

Because PKI 6555 detects both the drone and its corresponding remote control, the movement of both can be tracked immediately. In the case of multiple DDS systems, triangulation can determine the exact position of the targets. A top-down 2D perspective is the most commonly used visualisation of drone detection. The 3D view extends this perspective by adding the drone’s height information. In addition, the 3D view facilitates the assessment of distances between different objects on the map. Another view mode is topographic. This shows the surface of the surrounding terrain, displaying hills, mountains, peaks and valleys.

In combination with the 3D building system, the topographic view produces the most accurate representation of the surrounding area. The 3D view is able to intregrate 3D models of complex areas (e.g. cities, airports, etc.). This highly realistic view greatly enhances the user experience of the PKI 6555 Drone Defense System for the end user.

Features of the PKI 6555 Drone Defense System:

  • Real-time monitoring of all frequencies (no bands), detects any drone on any frequency
  • Real-time AI frequency monitoring and 3D direction finding, including altitude information
  • Extremely high detection range of up to 50km
  • Scalable for extremely large sites and boundaries
  • 360°A/ 90°E full dome coverage with high accuracy
  • Detects and tracks 3G, 4G and 5G drones
  • Ultra-wide frequency range (9kHz to 20GHz)
  • All-in-one solution, multi-sensor support, latest AI-based software
  • Locates drone swarms and drone operators

Highlights of the System:

  • Up to 48 THz/s sweep speed
  • Detects 3G, 4G and 5G drones
  • Up to 50km detection range
  • New, unique technology: real-time all-frequency monitoring (NO bands)
  • New real-time 3D bearing frequency monitoring for all frequencies and directions simultaneously
  • Latest AI-based multi-target image and RF pattern recognition
  • Otic triangulation with multiple PTZ cameras
  • Ultra-wide frequency range (9kHz to 20GHz)
  • Multi-frequency, multi-directional swarm attack detection
  • Pre-programmed drones can be detected
  • Fully automatic mode can be switched
  • 360° azimuth and full 90° elevation gapless full dome coverage with high tracking accuracy
  • Enables real-time measurement of RF emissions from drones/ UAVs, jammers, phones, etc.
  • Tracks and locates the operator(s) controlling the drone
  • Identifies the drone make and model
  • Enables 24/7 seamless recording (tracking and/or raw data) and monitoring
  • 3D bearing measurement accuracy up to ITU Class A
  • Scalable for huge sites
  • Tested and operated in the most adverse weather conditions (night/ fog/ rain etc.)
  • Extended temperature range (desert installations)
  • All-in-one solutions (RF, radar, camera and software)
  • Set up and ready to use within one minute (portable version)
  • Powerful mobile application with automatic multi-level threat alerts and threat map display
Operating temperature-40°C to +65°C
Humidity10% - 100% RH
Consumption24V/AC, 120W
Lightning protection and more
Rotation360° continuous rotation
TiltFrom -90° to +45° (automatic inversion)
Pan speedConfigurable, from 0.05°/s to 120°/s
Tilt speedConfigurable, from 0.05°/s to 65°/s