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Frontline Drone Protection

Product number: PKI 6310

Tactical counter-drone defence
The PKI 6310 Frontline Drone Protection ManPack platform provides a two-tiered solution for detecting and engaging enemy drones. It is carried by the front units on a single unit protected from the rear.

The PKI system creates a virtual protective dome over the tactical forces and prevents unauthorized drones from endangering the operational forces.
With this groundbreaking PKI model, which is state of the art, no wishes remain unfulfilled. PKI 6310 should not be missing at any authority etc. worldwide.

Detection and identification by the Frontline Drone Protection

Sensing segment
The recognition techniques of the PKI 6310 Frontline Drone Protection are based on the continuous analysis of time and frequency ranges by RF sensors. Preloaded spectral signatures of all commercially available drones are used as a database of the system. During the detection phase, the PKI system searches for activity patterns that correspond to the stored signatures. As soon as a match is found, the console warns of the drone’s recognition, type and controller type.

The low false alarm rate is achieved by using a modular SIGNIT receiver (SDR), which is able to recognize drones based on their spectral signature, while completely ignoring the drone’s protocol data (which may be encrypted or technically difficult to capture), resulting in a rapidly developed signature database.

Damage Limitation

Jamming segment
After detection, the system blocks communication between the drone and its operator on ISM bands and the GPS signal used by the drone.

The PKI 6310 Frontline Drone Protection jammer consists of 5 bands covering all potential drone frequencies. Each band addresses a different communication channel that is used by the drone for a different purpose;

  • Disabling the drone’s control and telemetry channel, resulting in loss of control of the drone.
  • Blocking video downlink transmission
  • Interfering with the GPS signal, disabling the drone’s navigation and stabilization capabilities


Covers all threats from drones; 433MHz. 900MHz, GPS, 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz
Blocks multiple threats simultaneously
Multiple interference schemes: barrage, sweep, spot and complex waveforms
Does not require line of sight
Compact, lightweight and durable design in a MIL-STD backpack
Hot-swap batteries - continuous operation
Radiation safety - SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) tested and qualified
Based on an SDR platform that enables the generation of DDS signals
Compact shoulder-mounted remote control (RCU)
Zeroise function to delete sensitive data from the system