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Vehicle Counter-Drone

Product number: PKI 6305

  • Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse 2018 // Mercedes-Benz G-Class 2018

Solution for convoy protection
Multilayer tactical counter-drone defence
PKI’s platform provides a multi-layered counter-drone solution to detect, locate and mitigate enemy drones and provides a secure environment for driving military vehicles or high-value VIP convoys. The PKI 6305 Vehicle counter-drone system creates a virtual protective dome over the tactical forces, preventing unauthorized drones from endangering the forces in the field.

The PKI 6305 Vehicle counter-drone system is based on the concept of PKI, using a slider-modlar architecture in which each module is an independent element that forms the interference and detection segments.

The drone sensor and jamming transmitter are installed in the mission vehicle, which is designed to support convoy operations, be it temporary or operations on the move.

Detection and identification
Sensing segment

The techniques of the PKI 6305 Vehicle counter-drone model are based on the continuous analysis of time and frequency ranges by RF sensors. Preloaded spectral signatures of all commercially available drones are used as a database of the system. During the detection phase, the PKI 6305 Vehicle counter-drone searches for activity patterns that match the stored signatures. Once a match is found, the console alerts the user to the detection of a drone and its type and controller type.

The low false alarm rate is achieved by using a modular SIGINT receiver (SDR) that recognizes drones based on their spectral signature, completely ignoring the drone’s protocol data (which is encrypted or technically difficult to capture), resulting in a rapidly evolving signature database.

The DF sensor continuously scans the spectrum and analyzes the spectral activity around a vulnerable target. A single DF sensor installed in a vehicle is not only able to detect unauthorized drones, but also to determine the direction from which the drones are trying to enter the airspace. The identity and direction of the drone are displayed on a console installed in the vehicle.

Damage Limitation
Jamming segment
If detected, the system blocks communication between the drone and its operator on ISM bands and the GPS signal used by the drone.

PKI’s Vehicle counter-drone jammer consists of 5 bands covering all potential drone frequencies. Each band addresses a different communication channel that is used by the drone for a different purpose;

  • Disabling the drone’s control and telemetry channel, resulting in loss of control of the drone.
  • Blocking video downlink transmission
  • Interference with the GPS signal, deactivation of the drone’s navigation and stabilization capabilities

The modular design of the system allows for future upgrades and the inclusion of additional frequencies and threats.

Covers all Drin threats simultaneously; 433MHz, 900MHz, GPS, 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz
Passive detection and localization
Does not require visual contact with the drone
Very low Mean Time To Repair (MTTR), no periodic maintenance required
Based on an SDR platform and enables the generation of DDS 7 AWG signals
Omnidirectional / directional according to the requirements of the mission
Zeroize function to delete sensitive data from the system