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Multiband Mobile Phone Jammer

Product number: PKI 6865

The PKI 6865 is exclusively a Multiband Mobile Phone Jammer. It covers the complete mobile bands. A total of 12 modules with 30W per band.
The PKI 6865 Multiband Mobile Phone Jammer can be mounted anywhere and is fully stealth with internal high gain patch antenna.
The PKI 6865 Multiband Mobile Phone Jammer can be controlled via remote control management software i.e. to check, activate or deactivate the status of each band.

Possible Frequencies and Power Output LTE 700 30W +/- 1.5dB + Antenna Gain
CDMA 850 30W +/- 1.5dB + Antenna Gain
GSM 900 30W +/- 1.5dB + Antenna Gain
DCS 1800 30W +/- 1.5dB + Antenna Gain
CDMA 1900 30W +/- 1.5dB + Antenna Gain
UMTS 2100 30W +/- 1.5dB + Antenna Gain
WiFi 2400 30W +/- 1.5dB + Antenna Gain
LTE 2600 30W +/- 1.5dB + Antenna Gain
WiFi 5800 15W +/- 1.5dB + Antenna Gain
2400MHz Drones Rem Control
5GHz/ 5.8GHz Drones Rem Control
Glonass/ GPS Sat 1500MHz
Stand-alone Modular ConstructionEach Jammer Module is completely independent
Power SupplyAC 110/ 220 – 240V/ DC 27V
Jamming TechnologyDirect Modulation Over Synthesized Signal
Temperature Range-10°C to +55°C
HumidityUp to 90%
Size380 x 575 x 260mm (2x for 12 bands configuration)
AntennasHigh Gain Internal Integrated Camouflaged Patch Antennas
Wired LANEthernet remote control + Software Management
Cooling SystemAutomatic forced Air Cooling System
DeploymentWall mounting, pole mounting