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Cell Tower Jammer System

Product number: PKI 6600

The PKI 6600 Cell Tower Jammer System is the solution if conventional jammers do not provide sufficient operating range. Generally, jammers for mobile phones operate on the so-called downlink frequencies and thus disturb the signal reception at the mobile phone. The cell tower jammer system adopts the reverse approach with this special system starts at the mobile cells. It prevents mobile phones from connecting to the network.

Particularly in scenarios in which any communication must be prevented, this solution is the first choice. In the first step, the surrounding mobile network cells are analysed. With these data, several jammer modules are programmed which specifically interfere with the receiver section (uplink) of the radio cells. By this way, the mobile communication can be interrupted over a wide area. The system consists of a scanner unit analysing the local mobile networks and clearly arranging the radio cells on a map. On the basis of these measured data, the jammers are configured for operation on the individual radio cells. These components are the „satellites“ which need to be positioned in the vicinity of the radio cells. They are equipped with battery and directional antenna and can be operated autonomously. The satellites are remote-controlled via a control signal and can thus be activated and reprogrammed. The system will be delivered ready for use in carrying cases with integrated charging electronics ensuring that the batteries are always operational.

Frequency range
2G/GSM880 - 915MHz / 1710.2 - 1784.8MHz / 824.2 - 848.8MHz / 1850.2 - 1909.8
3G/UMTS1920 - 1980MHz / 880 - 915MHz / 1710 - 1785MHz / 824 - 849MHZ
4G/LTE832 - 862MHZ / 1710 - 1785MHZ / 2500 - 2570MHz
Control laptop unit
Size380 x 260 x 25 mm
AntennaWide band omnidirectional
PowerBattery/ wide range power supply 90 - 230V
Jammer units
AntennaMulti-band directional antenna
PowerRechargeable battery/ wide range power supply
Size380 x 180 x 90 mm