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Digital High Power Convoy Jammer System 20MHz – 6GHz

Product number: PKI 6500

PKI offers with this high-tech power jammer, which has been proven in the world market, protection against RCIEDs (remote control improvised explosive devices). The PKI 6500 Digital High Power Convoy Jammer System 20MHz – 6GHz is equipped with a fully integrated broadband jamming system. A special HF-lining is incorporated to ensure the special protection of drivers and passengers. This allows ultra-high HF transmission power up to 2000W, distributed in various modules. The operation is carried out via a shockproof laptop, operated by the passenger.

The PKI 6500 system is fully programmable. Military and VIP convoys can thus protect themselves individually. In addition, all peripheral units are self-sufficient. 2 high-performance batteries and a built-in DC generator provide the power supply. An infinitely variable air conditioning system allows the PKI 6500 Digital High Power Convoy Jammer System 20MHz – 6GHz to be used in any part of the world.

PKI is especially proud of the antenna development for a very demanding customer. These so called “Shark Antennas“ are hardly noticeable in public traffic and this at extreme radiation. This distinguishes our product from many competitors, as well as the RF interference over the transmitted frequency range of 20MHz – 6GHz and this without gaps. Special features, which should ultimately be decisive for an order, are summarized in the following overviews.

The purpose of PKI 6500 is to block the RF detonators of an improvised explosive device (IED) as the convoy approaches. This prevents the explosion, saves the lives of vehicle occupants and prevents collateral damage. With years of PKI experience in designing and manufacturing advanced jammer systems for military, government and VIP customers, PKI is ready to meet any requirement in terms of jammer technology, RF performance, installation, and special PKI shark antennas. Including PKI after-sales service. PKI 6500 is a digital anti-RC IED communication modular jammer. User-friendly due to the on-field programming possibilities.

The PKI 6500 can accommodate up to 24 stand-alone modules to cover the 20 – 6000MHz spectrum with an RF output power of up to 2KW, all housed in two 19“ racks. PKI’s special Shark antenna system can be adapted to any vehicle and is much more inconspicuous than most competitors. This was a prerequisite for a customer order and was developed by PKI.

Intelligent RCIED jamming solution by the PKI 6500 Digital High Power Convoy Jammer System 20MHz – 6GHz

PKI 6500 is a unique jamming system with continuous and reactive jamming module specifically designed for in-vehicle applications. The constant jamming provides a safe zone in the near field. Reactive jamming module detects any resistive signal stronger than the noise level generated by the continuous jamming. The detected powerful interfering signals are precisely blocked in the exact channel bandwidth with the full power of the dedicated amplifier.

The 90 microsecond response time provides the ability to detect and block even the fastest frequency-hopping radios on the market. Solution blocks high-power terrorist transmitters (HF/VHF/UHF radio) even in the near field (15 metres to the receiver). The working distance of the reactive jamming module is 100 times greater than standard jammers available on the market. Compared to standard jamming systems, the PKI 6500 core technology is a signal generation module that allows any type of RF waveform to be designed to efficiently match and cover the resisting signal.

Unique features of the PKI 6500 Digital High Power Convoy Jammer System 20MHz – 6GHz:

⦁ Real-time detection of resistive RF signal and jamming on the specific detected channel (Reactive Jamming).
⦁ 4x FPGA chips control 24 DDS chips. Each DDS chip controls an individual amplifier. Possibility to combine different jamming signals for a single frequency band, ensuring high efficiency of jamming signals in the near and far range.
⦁ DDS&DSP technologies: can generate any modulation.
⦁ The ability to adjust the interference signal for each individual frequency bandwidth can be adjusted to cover the interference signal more efficiently. The following parameters are adjusted: Sweep speed, carrier step size, power, channel grid and modulation. Each potential threat contains RF characteristics and waveforms. Thus, the interfering signal is generated in each bandwidth with adjustable features that cover each threat more efficiently.
⦁ The tone/DTMF transmission type provides the ability to suppress VHF/UHF radios over long distances.
⦁ Special filters provide selectable channels for user-friendly communication.

Amplifier module

Continuous jamming ensures that the surrounding fields are continuously jammed (up to 2000W output power), while reactive jamming jams the VHF and UHF bands and picks up again in standby mode. When a threshold is detected, they are reactivated. The reactive jammer can be used for continuous jamming at any time by simply switching off the RF detection.

Remote control

The RC (remote control) gives the operator the option of 3 (or 6) preset jamming modes. When passing through rural or urban areas, different jamming modes are requested. In high hazard situations, namely when passing bridges, a high output mode can be selected. RC is also available with the CAN BUS interface.

Antenna system

The antenna system is an array of mainly directional antennas. For the mobile bands, directional antennas with high gain are used to suppress the GSM base station link in advance and with high power when travelling fast. The PKI shark antennas have proved particularly successful. These are hardly recognizable but at the same time have a high directivity characteristic.

RF shielding

RF shielding is extremely important for vehicles with built-in interference systems, both in terms of the safety of people inside the vehicle and in terms of electromagnetic compatibility.

Frequency range 20MHz - 6GHz
Continuous jamming signals (no gaps)
Stable power supply (integrated unit)
Modular jamming system (bays)
Inconspicuous antenna system (shark fins)
Shielded HF foil (driver protection)
Digital programming (gaps for communication)
Radiation 100/200W per channel (as requested by the customer)
Minimum power 1,100W (max. power 1900W)
Internal remote control (in the vehicle)
Control function of the channels (rugged display)
Sweeping technology (precise modulation)
Different power supply options (alternator, mains operation generator)
Cooling system (for the electronic and driver)
Antennas (directional or omni-directional antennas)
Favourite type of vehicle Toyota Cruiser (as requested by the customer)
Training and installation (in the respective country; needs to be booked extra)

Video surveillance (possible on request)
Field Service Testing (measurement tools)
Maintenance tools (as requested by the customer)
After Sales Period (plans for maintenance)
Spare parts (as requested by the customer)
Complete solution (customized development, worldwide service, training as requested, repair and maintenance, test and measurement equipment and complete documentation.)