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DDS 1000W Bomb Jammer

Product number: PKI 6505

This PKI 6505 DDS 1000W Bomb Jammer meets the highest demands. The years of PKI development in the digital jammer sector are used very successfully in the police and military sector.
Frequency ranges and power can be adjusted as required.
DDS is called Direct Digital Synthesited Technology.
Within the frequency band of 20 – 6000 MHz the intended frequency band can be adjusted to meet all customer requirements.
Modular design of the internal structure, arbitrary combination and settings of the interference blocking frequency. Each module can be switched individually with failure alarm function. Each module of the PKI 6505  Bomb Jammer has a RS 485 USB interface and each module can output 4 frequency bands simultaneously. In total 40 frequency bands of 10 modules are possible.
The PKI 6505 DDS 1000W Bomb Jammer has an intelligent cooling and ventilation system, no additional cooling is required.
The PKI 6505 Bomb Jammer is a versatile unit for international use. It is suitable for the protection of important command or VIP security, SWAT teams, EOD teams, anti-terrorist units, anti-drug units, bomb squads, security checkpoints, law enforcement, hostage negotiations, border control and military security forces etc.

Dimensions650 x 510 x 360mm
Antenna760mm Ø 35mm
 Weight 60 Kg
Ambient Temperature-10°C to +50°C
Transmission Power1000W
Relative HumidityLess than or equal to 80%
Frequency band20 – 6000MHz
Shielding Range300 – 500m (-75dBm, deepending on the distance of base station in an open field and
 the signal Strength in the using area)
Power Consumption2160W
Power InputAC 110~240V, DC 27V
Battery28,5V, 95AH, Extraposition standby battery can used for 90 minutes
Antenna Parameter Omni Antenna, Gain: 5dBi
Switch ControlManually
AccessoriesOmni Antenna, AC Power Line/Charger, DDS Digital FM, Software Interface, Battery,
Battery Connection Line, Line Controller Data Line, AC Power Cable, USB to RS-485

Each module is individually switchable without affecting the others. The PKI 6505 DDS 1000W Bomb Jammer is a mobile system, which can be easily integrated into vehicles.