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Microphone Jammer

Product number: PKI 6655

The PKI 6655 is a powerful and efficient microphone jammer. The mobile housing, measuring only 18 x 22 x 5cm, contains a high-quality directional ultrasound array with two additional ultrasound transducers, which pushes a complex, tailored noise waveform to a frequency band that is below the human listening point but exactly in the zone of the common audio microphone bandwidth, exerting a constant sound pressure on the diaphragm of the microphone being jammed. The 24 high-level array and the two additional piezo-ceramic transducers, controlled by a microchip that automatically shifts the interfering signal into time and frequency domains, thus achieving the best possible interference efficiency and making any actual speech signal on the microphone to be interfered with unintelligible.

For most people, the ultrasonic interference signal of 24 – 26KHz is practically inaudible from a distance of one meter from the PKI 6655 Microphone Jammer. The effective range of interference can vary depending on the type of microphone used in the audio equipment and its relative position to the interfering transmitter. The PKI 6655 Microphone Jammer provides effective protection against eavesdropping and recording devices and is highly recommended for any conference or meeting. PKI 6655 effectively blocks most of the various recording interceptions at an average distance of 0.5 – 5m. Multiple PKI 6655 units can be independently placed in rooms of any size to achieve the desired success that no information is leaked.The PKI 6655 Microphone Jammer can be remotely controlled wirelessly, i.e. the unit can be switched on or off remotely as required.

As an example we name the following devices, which prevent audio recording when using PKI 6655. Older mobile phones such as Nokia, Samsung, cassette recorders, analogue recorders, digital audio recorders, digital voice recorders, smartphones, including iPhones, Sony, LG, Samsung, iPad etc, wireless microphones, audio and video recorders, wireless cameras, microphones, bugs, digital voice recorders etc. The PKI 6655 Microphone Jammer also prevents leakage of information through listening devices analogue, digital and stethoscope.

Technical Specifications
Generated noise frequency bandwidth24 - 26kHz
Number of ultrasonic transducers24 Array plus ultrasonic transducer
Type of emitted interferenceComplex structured ultrasonic noise
Microphone suppressionDirectional characteristic
Average effective listening distance5 metres (the effective listening distance may vary depending on the type of microphone used in the audio equipment and its position relative to the jammer)
Power supply+12V DC lithium ion battery
Continuous operating time6 hours
Housing materialPlastic
Dimensions18 x 22 x 5cm
Operating temperature range0°C to +50°C
Relative humidity≤ 85%